Jacob Moore accidentally uncovered his hidden passion for photography while completing  his second year at University after selecting a black and white photography course as an elective. He enjoyed the course so much that he ended up studying photography along with journalism and broadcasting. After purchasing his first DSLR camera in 2013 then purchasing a wide-angle lens from his uni break employment funds, Jacob set about honing his skills and hasn’t looked back since, particularly in the area of landscape photography. Living in Denmark, Western Australia, there was no shortage of stunning landscapes for Jacob to capture on his camera. On completion of his university degree, Jacob proceeded to work and save enough money to fulfil his life long dream of traveling the world with his beloved camera. After returning home from over a year away Jacob has bought with him a gallery of stunning images portraying experiences through his eyes, and a renewed passion to share the beauty of nature with the rest of the world.  Enjoy the experience as seen through the eyes of a 25 year old with a thirst to see not only the unthinkable, but also the unbelievable and the breathtakingly beautiful.